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Love To Perform?

Community Stage Performer

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2024 Marin County Fair. Prior to filling out the entertainment application please read the following:

The Marin County Fair has two stages, the Island Stage, and the Community Stage.

The Island Stage is our Headliner stage and is booked by a professional booker, thus is “Invite” only.

The Community Stage is just that, a stage where local community groups can showcase their talents.  Typically, there is not a budget for performers on this stage.  If you are not a local group (Bay Area) and/or have a fee associated with performing, please do not apply.

Ps-We would love to have a midsize stage. Something in between the Community Stage and the Headline Stage where we had the budget to book bigger local and regional acts. Until that time, we wish those of you who are in that category of performers, the best of luck with your performance season.