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Special For The Fair

Each year we are lucky to have several special exhibits at our fair for fairgoers of all ages to explore and enjoy. Check out what’s special this year!

All special exhibits are located in the Exhibit Hall.

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Marin Bonsai Club

Bonsai is the ancient art of replicating the shape and style of fully-grown trees in a miniature environment. Many of the bonsai at the Marin County Fair are over 100 years old and are still living very happily! Come and be inspired by the sheer majesty and diversity of the trees and meet Marin Bonsai Club docents who love to share their knowledge of cultivation techniques and maintenance care. Unique tree specimens will be on display ranging from inches to feet in size, and in a variety of classic bonsai styles and species.

Marin Orchid Society

Marin Orchid Society is proud to once again provide a display of member grown orchids. They are showing many colorful and interesting species of orchids including Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Zygopetalum, and Dendrobiums. Visit the display in the Exhibit Hall to view these lovely orchid specimens and to learn more about orchids. Members of the society will be on hand to answer your questions about orchids and Marin Orchid Society.

Virtual Reality

Put on a headset, dive in, and Make A Splash!, with deep-sea exploration including footage of the Cordell Bank off Point Reyes National Seashore, coral reefs, marine sanctuary’s, and more, all with Virtual Reality. This collaborative exhibit from XR Libraries, The Hydrous, and Meridian Treehouse will take you on immersive explorations like never before by harnessing the power of technology, storytelling, and science.

Marin Master Gardners

The UC Marin Master Gardeners are making a “splash” this year with the necessary information for you to “bee”come an Earth-friendly Gardener - and we can’t wait to share our knowledge with you at the Marin County Fair! Want to “bee”come a more Earth-friendly Gardener, but don’t know where to start? Drop by our tent to see how it’s done. Aside from the garden itself, enjoy free 30-minute talks on the “how-to’s” of Earth-friendly Gardening. Visit our resource desk for answers to your garden questions. Our theory is to start small. Every action that uses earth-friendly practices inches us toward a healthier garden at a time, one gardener at a time.
Complete Daily Schedule

Visitors can expect to see:

  • “Splashless” demonstration Xerioscape garden – beautiful options for low and no water plants
  • Display of lawn alternatives – see and feel native grasses and groundcovers that are easy to grow and beneficial to the earth
  • California natives and other “low splash” plants that welcome pollinators
  • Invite pollinators to your edible garden. See our integrated display to entice bees and butterflies to visit your fruits and veggies.
  • Earth-friendly container gardening – ideas and tips for your patio, porch, or balcony
  • Visit our resource desk for answers to your Earth-friendly Gardening questions
  • Learn from an excellent line-up of speakers presenting a broad range of topics.


Wednesday, July 3
Children are invited to try their luck at spinning the Earth-friendly Garden trivia wheel to learn which critters live underground to build healthy soil and help plants thrive. Don’t miss the scavenger hunt to find some garden helpers in our exhibit gardens!


Thursday, July 4, 11:30 am

Growing Edibles in Containers

Speaker: UC Marin Master Gardener Raoul Stepakoff

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using grow bags and other containers for edibles such as cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, and peppers. Participants learn the soil, water, and care needs to provide a bounty of fresh, delicious herbs, fruits, and vegetables in their own container garden.


Thursday, July 4, 1:30 pm

Herbs for All Seasons

Speaker: award-winning UC Marin Master Gardener Anne-Marie Walker

The word is out…herbs are in! Learn how to grow your own herbs. Anne-Marie Walker will talk about the cultivation, propagation, harvest, preservation, and uses of herbs as well as seasons in which they grow, the pollinators they attract, and how to develop your herb garden sustainably including water use. Make an herb seed tape to take home and plant. Select herb cuttings to take home and plant as well. Take home herb tea bags for comforting and refreshing herb teas.


Friday, July 5, 11:30 am

Twenty Great Plants for Marin Gardens

Speakers: UC Marin Master Gardeners Geri Cooper and Arlene Banks

Are you new to gardening, or considering making some changes to your garden this fall? Come learn about 20 plants that do exceptionally well in Marin gardens. One of these perennials and shrubs is sure to appeal to you. We will discuss growth habits, cultural requirements, and drought tolerance for each plant.


Friday, July 5, 1:30 pm

Backyard Composting

Speaker: UC Marin Master Gardener Joan Irwin

Composting, the mystery of gardening! Join us and learn how to compost using dry and moist plant material, incorporating your kitchen and table scraps, to create nutrient-rich organic matter. Compost will improve your soil and plants, while at the same time reducing the waste in our landfills.


Saturday, July 6, 11:30 am

Between the Sheets (sheet mulching)

Speaker: UC Marin Master Gardener Diane Gasson

You too can easily transform your lawn or patch of weeds into a beautiful garden while potentially saving money and creating a wildlife habitat. Just take some cardboard/newspaper, compost/mulch, a bit of time, and you are on your way!


Saturday, July 6, 1:30 pm


Speaker: UC Marin Master Gardener Ron Filson

Watering your plants doesn’t need to be confusing or intimidating. This talk will strive to clear up any misconceptions and misunderstandings around irrigation and provide easy to implement strategies for all aspects of home gardens.


Sunday, July 7, 11:30 am

Backyard Birds and Bird Habitat

Speaker: UC Marin Master Gardener Bob Mauceli

Over 500 species of birds have been seen in Marin County and you can see some of them just by looking out the window into your backyard. In this presentation you will learn about some of the most frequently seen of these backyard birds and how to make them easier to see by building a simple, sustainable, bird-friendly habitat.


Sunday, July 7, 1:30 pm

Edible Flowers

Speakers: UC Marin Master Gardeners Jenine Stilson and Keri Pons

Have you ever wondered if you can eat your flowers? In some cases, you can! Many of these edible beauties are easy to grow over the course of a season. Join us as we discuss which flowers or parts of flowers are safe to eat and, also, some that you should avoid. We will cover ornamentals, herbs, flowers of fruits, vegetables, and even weeds, and give you creative ideas on how to use edible flowers.

Make A Splash! Demonstration Corner!

Have a seat and relax while learning something new at the Make A Splash! Demonstration Corner! Experts from the Marin Bonsai Club, the Marin Orchid Society, the Marin Poet Laureate, and more will be giving talks daily.

Water Quest Puzzle Game

Water Quest is a fun and challenging futuristic puzzle game. Players find themselves navigating a dystopian wasteland devoid of water, tasked with deciphering clues and unlocking secrets to locate a lost source on Mt. Tamalpais that will save their parched community. Only by working together and utilizing their wits can they uncover the oasis and secure the future of humanity in a harsh, post-apocalyptic world.