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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Are there wheelchairs or other mobilty devices for rent and/or use at the Fair?

Wheelchair and stroller rental equipment will not be available at the Fair. Visitors with accessibility needs will be responsible for bringing their own mobility devices. It is advised that those with accessibility needs bring any device that may make their Fair experience more enjoyable. Additionally, the Fair will provide multiple seating areas that may be used for periods of rest.

Is there accessible parking and where is it located?

Yes, there is accessible parking located in the Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium parking lot located by the front Fair gate and the Armory parking lot near the carnival rides.

Is there an accessible loading zone for dropping off visitors with disabilities close to the entrance?

Yes, the ADA drop-off zone can be found the Veterans’ Memorial parking lot near the Fair’s front gate. People dropping off visitors with disabilities should enter at the Avenue of the Flags and state their purpose. The parking lot attendant will escort the vehicle to the ADA drop-off and then guide it out of the parking lot so that the driver may find parking elsewhere. These measures are taken to ensure everyone’s safety at the Fair.

Are discount tickets available for individuals with disabilities or groups or tours that are comprised of individuals with disabilities?

Pre-sale tickets will be available at a discounted price online. To receive the discounted price, tickets must be bought online before entering the fairgrounds. Pricing varies depending on age and if individuals have served or are serving in the military. If you are a person with a disability and have difficulty accessing the online ticket purchase system, please contact the number below.

Phone: (415) 473-6400
CRS 711

Are there accessible restrooms and where are they located?

The Marin County Fair offers several accessible restroom locations throughout the fairgrounds. They can be found in the Marin Veterans’ Memorial Auditorium, the Island Pavilion, the Exhibit Hall, and near the Showcase Theater. All sets of portable units feature restrooms and hand-washing facilities for guests with disabilities.

What is the process for individuals with disabilities to request accommodations?

Cultural Services staff members are more than happy to assist with any accommodation requests in the days leading up to the Fair. However, once the Fair begins, they will be unavailable to answer phones. Because of this, volunteers will be taking calls during the Fair to ensure that any accommodation needs that you may have at the Fair are met. To make an accommodation request before or during the Fair, please call the number below.

Phone: (415) 473-6400
CRS 711